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Enjoy 3

Great Quality Mini Projector

This small but powerful projector amazed me. When I took it out of the box I noticed it's no bigger than my hand, and when I turned it on the beautiful high quality was impressive. I was able to stream movies from the basement of my house which just showed how great the wifi was. The projection of the screen was huge and the quality still looked great! Definitely would recommend since it was such a powerful high quality projector in such a small size.

Great bluetooth projector for the price.

For the price this is a great projector. I love the screen mirror setting it works great with my android phone. Comes with a nice case and it is compact. I will use this for outdoor movies with the kids. When we go on vacations fun to show a movie in the hotel. The Remote is nice along and the Bluetooth settings are great to send to an external speaker. Bluetooth works great and the setup was very easy with a nice interactive screen.


Great monitor! Super small and lightweight.

Excellent for price

Went with this projector to place in the bedroom, and it has done wonders sod far. The picture quality has been good, especially for this price range. The audio is decent, but I plugged in speakers for surround sound. Very good purchase at this price!

Great Picture for the Price

This little projector produces a really clear, high quality image! The sound is alright if you're in a quiet room and sitting close to the projector, but I plan to connect it to external speakers for louder sound. The video I posted is with the audio at full volume. Easy to set up and use. Overall, great value considering the price.

This projector is very compatible with both Apple and Android products. Great purchase!

Set up for this product was very simple. I have an iPad, and the screen-mirroring is amazing! There’s absolutely no need to alter any settings in order for the sound to adapt. It adjusts to the mirrored device automatically. This is my first time owning a projector and I’m more than satisfied! I would definitely recommend purchasing this projector. It’s safe to use, durable, and extremely light.

Smaller than prior versions, wireless phone support

Have a few Artlii projectors for home, travel and gifted to others. This projector is compact for it's features, about half the size of my last Artlii projector. Updated features to support DNLA and Miracast; not this will not support newer Google Pixel phones 4 or 5, you will need to use a chromecast for these type of phones. Connected my Roku stick and works well like the other projectors. Colors default are different than the other projectors, was able to adjust with the settings easy to change with the buttons on top or with the included remote.

Excellent Bluetooth Projector!

I've been using the projector for a few days now, and it works marvelously! The Bluetooth and wireless were simple to set up, and the Miracast works fine too. The projector is about as loud as a microwave, but it isn't bothersome unless you have it right next to your head for some reason. I've mainly been using a Bluetooth speaker for the sound, but the sound that comes from the projector is decent as well. I typically point my projector at the ceiling, which projectors aren't designed to do without a little help. I designed a small stand to 3d print to work in conjunction with the projector for various levels of the ceiling, and it's working wonderfully. Great seller and great shipping time!I also posted a short video of Kobra Kai (which you should watch if you haven't already) to mainly show the picture quality of the projector at a steep angle pointing toward my ceiling in a mostly dark room. I apologize for the horrid audio/ticking clock. I recorded the video on my phone, but I thought it might help others who are looking to buy the projector. I may update the video later.

Amazing Love it 😍🥰

Love it 😍🥰Well worth the money Amazing... 💰🤑Great picture quality also can and just the focus for picture quality and comes with a remote control I also can mirror my phone to it and have my surround sound hooked up to it by Bluetooth. And my Amazon fire stick hook to it through HDMI everything works great I watch prime app and Netflix and also do Facebook watch and YouTube love love love it..... 😁☺️🥰

Awesome projector!!

**photos attached are of us watching Encanto on our wall with the projector!**-The video quality is great, and is adjustable depending on how far away you are from your wall (or whatever you’re projecting on). The setup was also super simple to workaround. Just note that the projector doesn’t come with batteries for the remote, so you’ll need your own AAA batteries!!!-Also, the projector works super well with the Amazon fire stick! So if that’s something you want to connect, you’ll have no issues as far as set up or usage go!Overall, I highly recommend this product!

Large picture, small projector

This projector is small, very portable and affordable. Incredible picture for the price. It was able to project a great 11' tall picture on my garage wall. I’d recommend adding a separate speaker to boost the audio.

 Best purchase I’ve made

I’m actually very surprised with this, in a GREAT way. My old projector was a cheap $90 one that would overheat and turn off after 1 hr and you couldn’t even read subtitles on it. If I knew back then that spending an extra $80 would give me a big jump in quality then I would’ve done it. For this price, I am IN LOVE with this projector. I love that it’s bright and the quality is clear (see photo attached. I specifically looked for a video that had subtitles in it). I love the fact that it has BLUETOOTH so I can hook it up on my speaker and I can mirror cast using my phone, this is one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever made.I do wish it came with the tripod/stand in the box, but nevertheless I’m happy with the quality of the projector.

 Good resolution

I purchased the Artlii Enjoy 2 last week and deeply fell in love with it! It comes with a nice bag, which is compact enough to fit in my luggage. The size and weight of the projector makes it portable.The feature I love the most is it has very high resolution! You just need to adjust the lens a little bit, Boom! You get a 80 inches TV hanging on your wall! Also, it can connect with both of my ipad and android phone. Furthermore, it comes with a HDMI cable which can be used to connect with the laptop, which is awesome, because I have tons of movies stored in my laptop, and now my wife and I can enjoy them at night in bed.The installation of the project with our wifi is SUPER easy like a snap! The connection between my ipad and Artlii is very straightforward. You will find out that the audio quality is very decent as well.

Great projector for the price.

This projector is exactly what I was looking for. I love how light weight it is, with a great picture and lots of options. I've used it for watching shows in my garage hot tub, and have also used it for projecting sewing patterns. The fact that it is so light, and has a mount point for a camera tripod makes it easy for me to use it for different purposes. The case it comes with is real nice, and holds the projector and its cords securely. For this price this is a great projector.

Fun for everyone!

Love this projector, definitely worth the purchase! The picture quality it great, very easy to set up anywhere and it can connect to Apple/Android devices via Bluetooth no problem. There are many different ports to connect via laptop, or add your own speakers for the best at-home or on the go movie experience. Highly recommend!

Good quality for the price

I had to get the 1st exchanged due to shadows and scratches on the lens. But, the replacement is amazing! I It's good quality for the price, takes a bit to set up but once you set it up right it's pretty nice for the price you pay gotten one years ago! Now let's see how long it lasts. Works great with my Firestick and my Xbone.

To choose the right distance to size up or size
down your view

I like this product so much, for the price you get to watch big screen tv and stream directly from a iPhone or android phone, why spend money on a tv. This is perfect and portable.

Bluetooth Projector!

Picture quality is excellent! I love the bluetooth feature which is great. Its portable and has wifi which is a added benefit. Its brightness is great so you can watch it with lights on. The wifi feature is also cool. Great Bluetooth Projector!

Best portable projector! Great price! Can't beat it value!

All I can say is WOW! I was very skeptical but now jumping for joy! This projector puts to shame the others more expensive units! Very clear picture with great resolution! Great quality & very easy to set up (didn't even have to use directions)! Connected to my Mini Bose BT speaker to projector & awesome sound quality! Case & excessories supplied are very nice!! For the price I paid & the quality product recieved, you can beat this! Get the popcorn out! It's show time!

Best Portable Bluetooth Projector!

This projector is perfect for our family! It’s easy to connect using bluetooth and get the video running for movie nights! We’ve already used it with friends a bunch of times and they were impressed with how clear the picture was with the unit being so small. Also love the carrying case so we can easily put everything in one little bag to bring it with us.

Easy to set up

Easy to use perfect pic quality, pic I posted it just on my wall and my walls are a blue color still looks good. You won’t be disappointed.

#Play 3

Good 4K supported budget smart projector

Artlii is good budget smart projector. Android tv is plus if you are android user. It provides ease to use.
Brightness in daylight is not up to mark but it looks great in dark.

Wow! Awesome! Great product and amazing
customer service!!!

Finally, after checking/testing couple of projectors, I am glad that I ordered “Smart Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth, Artlii Play3 Outdoor Movie Projector 4K Supported, Android TV 10, Google Voice Assistant, Full HD Native 1080P Projector with Built-in Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video – by ARTlii” projector. It is a little costly compared to other competitive projector, but I don't have to bother about getting a fire stick, Roku, Google chrome or anything to attach to it to access any application. It’s simply plug and play. It came with many pre-installed apps which I am mostly using. So just enter your credential and start watching the shows.This supports the most recent 5G WiFi which is faster than the old 2.4G WiFi, and watching movies is more enjoyable without any delay. The picture quality is amazing and with the right video input, quality feels like watching in true HD. Apart from the video quality, sound quality and Android OS makes this a true TV replacement option.The projector’s top panel looks very slick... all touch buttons. They covered all the functionality of the projector and were well responsive. I have another projector with 480p native, after comparing the picture quality, this is an awesome, great upgrade.Overall, this is a great projector, I loved it and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Best projector for its price!

This is the best projector I have ever owned so far! It came with great packaging, and with everything you are going to need for a theater experience, including a charger, an HDMI cable, an AV cable, and a remote controller. The setup at the beginning is very simple, and with a lot of languages to choose from. The height and the angle of the projector can be easily adjusted to fit the wall that I project it on. As soon as I connect it with my laptop through the HDMI cable, everything's all set! The image is bright enough even for the daytime, but it is even much better at night. Above all the picture quality is very good both with color brightness and contrast from blacks and whites, built in speakers are decent enough to enjoy without an external sound system or even headphones. The multitude of connection options and compatibility with other devices is nice. It feels like I am in a home theater. There are many other different settings and apps that could make my watching experience convenient and comfortable. I could just plug in a flash drive or connect directly to Youtube to watch videos if I don't want to plug in the cable. The only thing that I am not very enjoy is the cooling fan, which is a little bit noisy than I expected. But it won't affect my watching experience.Great projector that an expansive TV!

Great Projector with all the smart features your
heart desires

Wow! Truly amazing. Having used several different projectors, the Artlii Smart Projector Play 3 is in a league of its own. This projector has a sleek design, quality manufacturing, and picture clarity that is only limited by the surface being projected on. The setup was very quick and easy. Within minutes I was streaming video and screen casting from my phone. The devise prompts for an android device, but I use apple products. There were no problems getting my iPhone to screen cast. The family was watching home videos and pictures on our wall in amazing quality and size. The picture I took of our photos being projected do not do justice to the quality that this projector actually does. The sound quality when playing movies was better than expected. There are plenty of connection options to hook up a more advance speaker system for movies. I really liked the manual zoom dial as it was easy to adjust the picture quality. The touch buttons had a sensitivity that took a moment to get used to, but once I got the touch, it was evident that this interface was as simple as using a touch screen. The bottom line, this is a top quality projector in every capacity. It is worth every penny. Be ready to ooh and ahh at the videos and pictures you project.

Outdoor capability is really good!!!

This works incredible as an inside smart “tv” projector, and also functions good for outside. I choose to use this more for outside. The WiFi connection is strong as this is on the side of my house and usually low reception area. However, no lag at all with this. Very surprising! Also, you can hook up external speakers and they include the cable. You may need different end attachments depending on what amp your plugging into. The internal speaker will not work well for outside, but will work ok for inside. All the apps can be run from the projector, but I also plugged in my FireStick and ran the movies from that. It worked flawlessly that way too. Just keep in mind to begin you outdoor movie night at dusk. You won’t be able to navigate your setups till dusk. Really like this projector as it punches weigh beyond its price point.Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

That's what I need..

I personally checked this projector and screen and honestly I am loving this. I had a projector before from same company but I have to attach additional Firestick and Aux cable to attach speakers but this has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity for speakers which makes my work less to setup and Projector volume by itself is enough if you're playing in a room bit for outdoor you definitely need additional speakers for sound. projector is Android based so it's very easy to watch your favorite apps like Amazon prime videos, Netflix or YouTube directly without installing any additional app. plus you can install apps from playstore. Projector video quality is brighter than my old one and crystal clear result

That's what I need..

So I had bought another projector from a competitive box store and the problem with that lower quality projector is it didn’t shoot as far. I was looking for a projector that I could occasionally mount on the top of my pergola outdoors. Then I would set my big screen up in the backyard and have a movie night outside. This has no problem this projector was probably more than 25 feet away and the screen once adjusting was completely clear and high definition. The other important thing to me was if this had some type of screw mount on the bottom. I did not have one center hole like a traditional tripod mount. But if you see in one of my photos if you look under the rubber pads or the “feet” of the projector it has small threaded holes. I feel like these are a 7M thread type? Once I find out I will share but my plan is to build a mount and use these holes to secure. Overall really happy and I can’t wait for my outdoor summer movie nights!I hope this was helpful!

Awesome image quality and sound.

The menu of the android system is very fluid and fast when loading, it behaves faster than any smart TV, but with the difference that the screen is up to 300 ". The image quality is impressive, it delivers sharp and vivid colors. It has different image configurations, to better adjust to what you are playing, for example to watch series or movies, the most recommended would be "movie" mode and even has a "gaming" mode.The audio quality is impressive, it has very good bass and a sound that looks like a cinema, without the need to connect some type of external speaker.To play video games it is excellent, the image refresh rate is great, I tested the nintendo switch and ps4 and the quality is impressive, I never imagined having a screen of that size.

Finally, A Good Quality Smart Projector with the
Streaming Apps BUILT IN

Lets get down to what makes this projector great. Although I am iPhone user, this projector has Android TV built-in and I’m totally ok with that because you can simply add all the popular streaming apps that your heart desires. That includes Disney+ (works fine as of June 2022), Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, YouTube, etc. Its crystal clear HD 1080p on a 100” projection screen. It's capable of being mounted on the ceiling by removing the rubber pads on each corner. For best picture, the room should be dark. I use blackout cellular shades in my room. The sound is loud enough for the little kids to enjoy during movie night, but if this is used for the “home theater” experience I suggest using the audio out (3.5mm stereo jack) or Bluetooth. Last but not least, the keystone correction is AWESOME and easy to use. You can use the remote and adjust each corner into the correct position for that perfect 16:9 aspect ratio.

Great and convenient projector

This is a phenomenal projector. The brightness is good enough to where I can use it during the day without much problem. The quality at night is phenomenal and the remote is made well and easy to use. I love the touch buttons and having 2 HDMI ports is quite convenient and its is extraordinarily easy to switch between the 2 and all other inputs. The built in android TV is quite useful and is very easy to use. Since I already have some of my streaming services linked to my email account they were logged in the second I logged in to my email leaving less hassle for me. The keystone correction is also amazing as it allows you to correct each corner individually to your own personal preference. Lastly, it is so nice that the remote inputs are detected from no matter where you are sitting (in front or behind the projector). Overall this is a great projector and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Great picture quality

One of the beat online purchase I ever had, it works perfect like a smart TV, I connect my laptop and do coding with it!