Artlii Play 4 Projector 4k integrates Android TV 10 System

$399.99 USD

Artlii Play4, Projector 4k Supported, Wifi Bluetooth Projector, Native 1080p Projector Full HD, Android TV, Chromecast, Auto Focus, Auto Keystone, Compatible iOS, Android

  • Smart Projector Android TV 10. With Android TV 10.0 system, you can use this projector 4k to enjoy online services, browse the Internet and run apps perfectly, such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube.
  • Supports 4K Native 1080p & 400ANSI. Artlii projector 4k Play4 adopts the original resolution of 1080p, can also decode 4k video. With high brightness up to 400ANSI, provide you the brighter, clearer, and sharper images.
  • Chromecast Supported. Cast via Chromecast to enjoy videos, movies and other contents on the big screen. Artlii Play4 can be connected to multiple devices via wifi function. The latest 5G WiFi offers you a flowing viewing experience, It is also convenient to connect Bluetooth headphones/speaker/Soundbar via Bluetooth function.
  • Auto Focus. Artlii Play4 Bluetooth projector 4k adopts the latest electronic Autofocus technology, which can quickly focus according to the appropriate distance, free your hands and have a great movie night experience with Play4.
  • Auto Keystone Correction. Artlii Play4 projector 4k supports automatic four-point electronic correction up to ±45° horizontal and ±30° vertical. The Auto correction could quickly locate and display the normal image wherever you placed this Artlii Bluetooth projector Play4.

Artlii Play 4 Projector 4k integrates Android TV 10 System

- Native Resolution: 1920*1080p
- Maximum resolution: 4K Ultra HD
- Ultra-high brightness: 400 ANSI
- Zoom function: 100%-60%
- Aspect Ratio: 4:3 / 16:9/ Auto
- Project distance and screen size:38-224 inches/1.2m-6.5m
- Best distance and screen size: 10 inches / 9.84 feet
- Keystone correction: Auto keystone
correction, horizontal: +/-45°, vertical: +/-30°
- Bluetooth Connection: Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Soundbar
- Wireless Streaming: IOS, Android, Windows10, Laptop, Tablets
- Wired Streaming: HDMI / USB, connect
to various devices such as TV Stick, X-BOX, PS4, PC, Laptop, USB, etc

One Press to Your Favorite Show, Enjoy Streaming with Android TV 10.0

- Artlii Play4 projector 4k released a smart projector integrated with Andriod TV 10, without connecting various external tools You only need just One-Click to Netflix, Prime Video, Google Play Store, and other applications. Watch movies, and football matches, and enjoy the joy of the big screen in your home with Artlii Play4.
- Clear and Shaper—Native 1080p and supports 4k- Artlii play4 projector adopts the original physical resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, also supports 4K. Artlii Play4 has a clearer image with native 1080p and 4k support, to provide you with a better home cinema
- Artlii play4 has a higher brightness and color range. It can provide clearer, brighter image effects. which can render images clearly even in low-dark environments, giving you a better visual experience.

Find your ideal angle, free your hands!Faster and easier setup.

Advanced Auto Focus

The projector can automatically adjusts the focus according to the distance. This innovative feature will bring you a better experience without the tedious operation of manually adjusting the focus wheel. Auto Focus feature provides instant clarity for movies or other content you love without having to struggle with manual setting.

Advanced Auto Keystone Correction

The projector has a built-in dual camera, which can automatically recognize the tilt of the placement angle (within the range of ±30° vertical, ±45° horizontal) with 4 points electronic keystone collection, and the projector automatically performs keystone correction according to the projection angle.

Need to adjust manually? Remote control is ready for you!

You can disable the automatic function in the settings. Use the remote control to manually calibrate four points/adjust the focus. Fully meet your individual needs.

Enjoy big screen in your lovely home!

Home Cinema Projection Screen Mega 224 "

The Full HD 1080P movie projector has a built-in LCD screen. With its unique projection technology, it can achieve
44" -224" images.

100% → 60% zoom

Artlii Play4 projector supports remote control to reduce the image to 60% of the original length and width. There is no more space constraints, no need to change the projector distance, just move the projector to fit the screen size.

How to use zoom to adjust image size?

Streaming video via HDMI port: Play the video - Click menu button on the remote control-
Click digital zoom under the Image button.

Streaming Video via USB port: Play the video - Click menu button on the remote control- Click
digital zoom under the setting button.
Please Note: Zoom is not supported when using screen mirroring

Incredible sound makes you feel in the cinema!

With the two built-in speakers, you can get full stereo sound. It offers you an immersive experience and provides outstanding sound quality. Integrated stereo speakers provide a high-quality audio experience. With Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect to Bluetooth devices. Projector’s Bluetooth can connect with Bluetooth speakers\Earphones\Soundbar, but not with Phones\Computers. The Bluetooth of Play4 can connect with Bluetooth speakers\Earphones\Soundbar, but not with computers.

Google Voice Assistant

- Supports most languages in the world! Search for movies and videos via voice commands, ask for the weather, tell jokes.
- Long press the voice button on the remote control to pronounce the words you want to search!
- Since Built-in apps can not be ACTIVATED directly by google voice assistant.
- Please do not try to start your voice command like: playing Netflix / prime video, instead trying to say the name of the movie you want!
- Please make sure you have the view in permissions, for example, video copyright protection / Members-only videos /pay to watch videos